Review Policy

Literary Critique is currently NOT accepting, and for future reference, I do accept, of my own volition:

  • e-ARCS
  • Print-ARCS
  • Finished copies
for reviewing from publicists, authors, agents, etc. If the book is part of a trilogy or a saga, then I kindly ask to be provided with the previous books along with the book to be reviewed. I accept YA, new adult and adult books in the following genres:
  • fiction
  • fantasy
  • paranormal
  • sci-fi
  • contemporary
  • romance
  • historical fiction
You may contact me via email or reach me through my NetGalley. But please keep in mind:
  • I have a stack of ARCS to read, so if you wish for me to read your book, please make note that it may be a couple weeks-months before I get to it. If time is of no consequence, then I’d be more than happy to add you to my list of TBR!
  • I only respond to offers that interest me.
  • I read e-ARCS on my Kindle, so please only send me compatible files.
  • I try to read arcs as soon as I receive them, but please be patient if I do not get to it right away.
  • My reviews are COMPLETELY honest, and I do not mean to offend, only to CRITIQUE for future reference. The reviews will vary in length, depending on the contents of the book, and my thoughts on it.
    • Due to this, I cannot guarantee a positive response, but I do try to highlight the good aspects in a negative review.
  • In case I do NOT finish the book, which I’d like to mention is EXTREMELY RARE, I will give a reason as to why.
  • The reviews are posted here on my blog (anywhere else if you ask me to,) and updates will be given via Instagram and Goodreads.
Thank you for you considering me as a beta reader!


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