12 Days of Christmas Book Tag

I saw this over on @paperfury and the original creator is @fallingdownthebookhole

What’s more festive on Christmas day if not a Christmas post lol! So, here’s a Christmas book tag!

ON THE FIRST DAY OF CHRISTMAS, MY TRUE LOVE SENT TO ME: A PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE | The partridge stood alone in the pear tree. What is your fave stand alone?

Naturally I chose my favorite read this year, which is A Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. First book I cried over in a forever, and ugh! I appreciate this book so much! I NEED multiple editions, okay?!


Like another answer later in this post, I don’t remember a whole lot because I read this book earlier in the year, but I do remember the way the relationship between Camille and Lazare had been written, as if it were tangible. I love those kinds of romances, and I think for this year, these two characters are my fave OTP! I cannot wait to revisit their characters in the sequel in 20201

ON THE THIRD DAY OF CHRISTMAS, MY TRUE LOVE SENT TO ME: THREE FRENCH HENS | In spirit of threes, what is the best trilogy you’ve read?

Assuming this tag is pertaining to the current year you do it, I red I think 2 or 3 trilogies, none of which I’ve actually completed, but the best so far I guess would have to be the Boulder Wolves trilogy. I’m still on the third book, I think 75% finished, and the whole trilogy itself is just so good, a series by an indie author I’ve been recommending all year! Go check out the Boulder Wolves by Olivia Wildenstein.

ON THE FOURTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS, MY TRUE LOVE SENT TO ME: FOUR CALLING BIRDS | Since series usually consist of four or more books, what is your favorite series?

I originally had three sets of books to talk about, but one was actually from a duology, and this asked for series, so it’s only two for this question! I couldn’t decide out of the series I read this year which was my favorite, and ironically I chose my two rereads lol!

Naturally Harry Potter is on this list, why wouldn’t he be? It’s a childhood favorite, a series that got me into reading if I recall correctly, and it just makes me so happy even though this year I read with a more critical eye. I cannot wait to finish rereading this series so I can do it again in the next couple years!

I had planned to read all of the Shadowhunter books this year, and that fell flat. Really hard. I managed to read all TMI though, so that’s a plus. I learned I hadn’t read the last book in the series, which really shocked me because I thought I had lol! I read halfway through the Shadowhunter Academy novel, and then grew bored, and that’s were I fell short of finishing my readathon. Maybe another year?

ON THE FIFTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS, MY TRUE LOVE SENT TO ME: FIVE GOLDEN RINGS | One ring to rule themall. Who is your favorite villain/antagonist?

Trying not to reuse books, I’m going with DI from the Heart of Iron duology. I was originally going to nominate Sebastian/Johnathon Morgenstern from TMI by Cassie Clare, but I just used that book. So, DI the robot is my favorite villain this year it seems. He was super sweet when he wasn’t a villain, and his whole path/journey from beginning to end was really mesmerizing for me.

ON THE SIXTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS, MY TRUE LOVE SENT TO ME: SIX GEESE A LAYING | Creation is a beautiful thing. What is your favorite world/world building?

This was a hard one, but I think this answer is suffice enough.

The Diviners was really immersive for me, something I hadn’t really experienced again since I read this book and it’s sequel. Libba Bray just does a really good job making you feel like you’re in the 1920s, and I think that’s some great world building right there if you actually feel like you’re in the world of the book you’re reading.

ON THE SEVENTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS, MY TRUE LOVE SENT TO ME: SEVEN SWANS A SWIMMING | Who even needs seven swans when all it takes is one good animal sidekick? Who’s your favorite animal sidekick?

Yet another hard one for myself, but I didn’t really read any books that had animals for characters. I vaguely remember the direwolves in the sequel of Game of Thrones, and I’m a huge fan of those big cuddly wolves, and naturally Dany’s dragons-who can forget the dragons?!
So I’m gonna go with these majestic creatures as my favorite sidekick(s.)

ON THE EIGHTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS, MY TRUE LOVE SENT TO ME: EIGHT MAIDS A MILKING | Milk is so 18th century. Which book/series takes drinks/food to a whole new level?

What kind of question is this? Seriously? Like even for reading challenges, I see prompts regarding food, and I’m just in awe that people can find books that are remotely interesting!

I can’t think of anything besides Harry Potter that brings a whole new level to food, but here’s some vampires who don’t eat/drink like humans do lol! They’re for sure not drinking milk either!!

ON THE NINTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS MY TRUE LOVE SENT TO ME: NINE LADIES DANCING | Dancing is just one skill of a Lady! Who is your favorite kick ass female lead?

I didn’t want to do this because I don’t want to give recognition to these books anymore, but Aelin Galathynius is pretty kick ass. Especially at the end of Empire of Storms.


Tbh Idek why I picked Severin because I remember, like, nothing from this book. But what I do remember is how I really enjoyed the misfit crew he was part of, and how he handled everyone around him. He was just really cool to read about, and I cannot wait for the sequel in the new year!

ON THE ELEVENTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS MY TRUE LOVE SENT TO ME: ELEVEN PIPES PIPING | favorite book or bookish thing with musical influence

Well, there is only one book for this answer lol! I really enjoyed this book despite it being out of my comfort zone, and I always, always recommend reading the audiobook instead of the physical because the full cast does a wonderful job telling Reid’s story! Absolute smash in my book!


Image result for song of achilles

Reuse time! I started this tag off with this book, and now I’ll end the tag with this book lol! Song of Achilles is my absolute fave this year! The writing, the prose, everything about this book was absolutely amazing, and I cannot stop recommending it! I love Greek mythology, and Miller’s twist on the tale is heart wrenching! I hope to reread it soon!

Related image

There it is, bookies! This put me in a festive spirit for the day! Let me know in the comments down below what your favorite books were this year!

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