Fiction Friday: How to Write When Busy

November was a busy, busy month, and I thought I’d share a few tips on how I managed to write just about everyday while working and taking care of a household. I don’t typically write everyday either, but for those who want to, but struggle doing so, this post is for you. However, if you don’t understand your average day, then this post won’t help.


Oh, boy, do I do this one a lot! Espeically during NaNoWriMo. But even outside of the writing month, I pine after those writers like @paperfury who has the ability to write and get through drafts as fast as possible. It’s irritating for me because I wish I could manage my time to the way they do. But outside of that thinking, I think I managed time well enough for NaNo.

Accept that you are different, that their style may not be best suited for you despite what you tell yourself. Besides, what you see on social media is typically a lie anyways. Instagram, tumblr, pinterest, all those social media platforms makes everyone’s lives look nice and brought together, but you don’t know what they deal with everyday. So, it’s best you stop comparing and figure out what works best for you.


We’ve all heard “I’d write if I had the time,” and that’s a load of bull. It’s annoying to hear that. I may not work full time, but I’ve experimented as if I did have a full time job, and I still had time, while minimal, to write. Grant it, as a full time mom, maybe you won’t get your book done as quickly as someone who writes full time, or a part time author like myself, but you’ll get there. We all have time, but you making excuses uses up the time you could have used to work on your book. You simply need to prioritize the things that need to be done within a week, and you’ll find time, even if it’s fifteen minutes, to write.


I know for sure that I cannot write 6k words in a day, so you won’t see me making that goal. Don’t do that to yourself. I know I can write 900-1k in about 20 minutes, so if I set aside an hour, I could easily squeeze in 3k words. Give yourself a test to see how many words you can write in a 10-20 minutes, and go from there. However much time you have, you can set a realistic word count for each day if you desire to write everyday.

There’s no secret writers have when it comes to being productive. All I can say is you need to know your priorities, and manage your time. There’s nothing more to it. Finding time isn’t something that can be poofed by magic, you have to look at your To-Do, and decide what needs to be done, and what can be replaced with writing-things that can be done another day. That is how you find time.

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